Welcome to the website of the company REDUX Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Redux has been on the Polish market since 1999, is a representative of Italian device manufacturers, which are used in industry such as:

IRAC TECH - a producer of solvent distillers and car washes for printers and widely understood industry

TOPPY - manufacturer of pallet rotators / changers and lines improving pallet changing processes from, for example, transport to hygienic

COMAP - producer of crushers for foil, paper, cans and barrels

GEiCOS - washers for paint spray guns and all washes for elements

NEW EUROGRAFICA - washers for photopolymer plates, washers for photopolymer plates, washing machines for printing rollers.

Through the use of our devices in industrial plants, we reduce the expenses for environmental protection, reduce production costs, improve health and safety conditions. We help to meet EU directives through the use of appropriate technical solutions. We advise and help you achieve your business goal.

We also provide services in the area of:

- selection of devices to meet customer needs

- device show at the client's

- warranty and post-warranty service of devices

We provide devices made of the highest quality materials that meet all the necessary European approvals and standards