EASY FLEX photopolymer plate cleaner



  • Car wash for photopolymer plates, with a control system embedded in the machine, made of electrical components in accordance with the EC standard,
  • Unusual speed of the washing process for all types of paints without damaging the photopolymer plate,
  • Thorough drying of all surfaces of the plate or photopolymer plate,
  • Washing chamber for flexographic plate made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304,
  • Side covers made entirely of satinized stainless steel,
  • A tray for inserting a film made of a noble double laminated material that prevents adhesion of the photopolymer plate to the substrate,
  • The detergent and washing water container is placed in the carwash washing compartment, emptied with appropriate valves,
  • Cycle and operation parameters of the car wash set by the electromechanical card / computer,
  • The speed of movement of the photo-realistic film is adjustable by means of a manual potentiometer,
  • The flexographic plate washing machine has a washing system with two rotating brushes,
  • The washer is equipped with a motor fan and electric heaters for drying photopolymer plates,
  • Rolls providing the relief plate travel are made of special solvent-resistant rubber,
  • The device has a self-adjusting system of rollers enabling the transition of photorelief film with different thicknesses,
  • Special last rubber roll covered with cotton material to drain the washing liquid from the flexographic plate,
  • Basket for flexographic plates at the exit of washed plates,
  • Level sensors in two containers of film cleaning liquids,
  • Maximum ease of disassembly and cleaning of the internal parts of the car wash.

The Easy Flex photopolymer plate washer was made in accordance with EC standards for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


The maximum width of the film[mm]420560
The minimum length of the film[mm]140140
Maximum film thickness[mm]3,53,5
Capacity of the detergent container[L]1520
Water tank capacity[L]610
Electric power supply[V]230230
Power consumption[kW]22,4
Net weight[Kg]7496
Net weight with the base[Kg]86112
Dimensions without the support of the device[cm]85x75x45h94x75x45h
Dimensions with the support of the machine[cm]85x75x108h94x75x108h


–        Support for car washer for flexo films made of stainless steel, satin finished

–        Washer support made of stainless steel or varnished

–       Steel plate output tray (typographical – Letterpress)

–        Set for heating the washing liquid using constant temperature heaters in accordance with EC standards

–     SSF – Ecological system for filtering used detergent; an excellent economic solution from the point of view of saving expenses for the purchase and disposal of detergent waste and for permanent maintenance of the device in a clean manner! (picture below).

– distiller (distiller) for dirty solvents, which through the distillation system allows you to recover the washing liquid to a clean form by returning it to the washing process again (picture below):

(for more details about the distiller (distillers) for organic solvents, please visit  www.destylarkirozpuszczalnika.pl ).


EASY FLEX – EASY FLEX – is the simplest model among our plate cleaners in the flexographic industry, classified as “washes designed for use with a table feeder, for narrow-band printing”. In other words, it is a car wash designed by New Eurografica (whose representative on the Polish market is REDUX) for the printing industry for printing labels that can be put on a table or, optionally, on a prepared support substrate.

The Easy Flex photopolymer plate wash is available in sizes 46 cm and 60 cm. The washer is equipped with a stainless steel tank, 2 rotating brushes in the washing set, a pressure roller, a water rinsing kit, a drying set, an input conveyor and a basket for collecting photopolymer plates.

Unlike other models from the Flexo Plate Cleaners family produced by New Eurografica, in the Easy Flex device, directly in its tanks, there is detergent, rinse water and two suitable recirculation pumps immersed in liquids.

The manual control from the control panel includes only the knob for setting the speed of moving the plates and the emergency button.


DATA SHEET – Easy Flex photopolymer plate washer


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