GIULY WASH raster roller wash


The rivet roller washer Giuly Wash is used to thoroughly clean cylinders (rollers) type Anilox with a maximum length of 75 cm. Washing of anilox takes place in three basic automatic cycles:

  • the first cleaning cycle: sprinkling the roller (cylinder) with heated detergent,
  • the second cycle: rinsing with high pressure water,
  • third cycle: drying the anilox roll with compressed air.

An anilox cylinder to be washed is inserted into the washer into appropriate supports depending on the length of the anilox roller.

All cycles are automatic and supported by the PLC with the possibility of dedicated programming for each cycle of the anilox car wash. In addition, the flexographic washer is equipped with several work protections. In the washer for flexographic rollers, a series of sensors was put in place to control each washing cycle. These are the minimum level sensors (if you purchase the option of automatically filling the detergent into the tank, a maximum level sensor will also be installed in the tank) in the washing and water tanks (for rinsing). Optionally, an ECO filtration system can be supplied in the rinsing tank. The sensors do not allow the anilox cleaning cycle to be started if the minimum level has not been reached in both tanks. These sensors also control the wash fluid and rinse water transfer pumps.


DATA SHEET – GIULY WASH raster roller wash


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