EASY WASH photopolymer plate cleaner


Automatic washing device for photopolymer flexo plates / plates designed for washing all types of paints

Machine characteristics

–        An electrical device with a control and electrical system embedded in the machine, consisting of electrical components that are explosion-proof, in accordance with EC standards

–        The unusual speed of the washing process of all types of paints

–       Thorough drying of all film surfaces

–        The dish for washing the plate is made entirely of stainless steel

–        The construction is made of varnished and acid-proof steel

–        Feeder for inserting a film of noble material preventing sticking

–        Heating the washing detergent directly in the tank designed for this purpose, with the maximum temperature set, not modifiable

–        Removable detergent tank, made of stainless steel, with minimum level control in the tank by means of a sensor

–        Removable washing water tank, made of stainless steel, controlled by means of a minimum level sensor in the tank

–        Cycle and operating parameters set using the appropriate MICROCOMPUTER

–        The movement speed of the plate is adjustable by means of a manual potentiometer

–        Plate cleaning system with one rotating brush and one moving horizontally, both with programmed stop

–        Motor fan and electric heaters for drying with adjustable temperature

–        Filtry grawitacyjne w zbiorniku do oczyszczania detergentu myjącego

–        Solvent-resistant rollers

–        1 special rubber pressure roller for collecting detergent from the film

–        1 a special rubber roll covered with cotton material for drying the final film

–        A self-adjusting system of rollers enabling the transfer of film with different thicknesses

–       A basket for film in the machine

–        Maximum ease of disassembly and cleaning of internal parts


–        Filtering kit for detergent / solvent with a filter with a self-cleaning cartridge to be placed in the detergent circuit system, located in the front of the machine

–        A set for cleaning with water coming from the plumbing network. Prohibited by current standards; only feasible if there is a suitable water treatment device in the area of the given company also in this washing machine.

–        Gravity filter for cleaning of washing water (only in the case of a standard device, not allowed in systems connected to a water supply network).

–       Automatic filling of the solvent / detergent tank.

–        Automatic input conveyor.

–        An output conveyor designed for collecting metal plates.


The maximum width of the film[mm]440580880
The minimum length of the film[mm]150150150
Maximum film thickness[mm]3,53,53,5
Capacity of the solvent container[L]303030
Water tank capacity[L]202020
Power supply voltage[V]230230230
Power consumption[kW]2,534,5
Dimensions with standard input tray and output bin (l / p / h)[cm]110x150x106h125x160x106h155x170x106h
Height of the tray[mm]860860860

* 60 Hz On request / request


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