Washer for LEADER offset plates


Many are very efficient and effective in offset printing.

Characteristics of the LEADER offset car wash:

  • Maximum width of the offset plate in cm. 68-88-118-138.
  • The offset car wash has automatic launch of the operating program through a dedicated micro-computer.
  • Automatic cycle start using a photomagnetic sensor.
  • Housing of an offset car wash with powder coating,
  • Automatic liquid washing cycle with two rotating brushes,
  • Automatic rinsing cycle (second section) with a single brush movement with an independent motor and strong sound between the first section and the third section with rubber rollers. This is a very friendly washing cycle.
  • Adjustable speed of rollers,
  • Section with rubber rollers and drying on both sides of the plate with hot air of regulated power.
  • The internal tanks of the offset car wash in the drawer with the sliding motion of the scrubber are completely open.
  • Automatic cycle of rubber rollers with 2 micron switches for outflow of position control.
  • The last role to drive the plate at the exit from the car wash.
  • water recycling with an electric heater.
  • Micro-computer control with recirculation of water, water temperature (factory set to +
    / – 35 ° C, plate cleaning counter, automatic power regulation of two heaters:
    Hot air dryer, warning about errors and stages of machine operation.
  • notification via green light and displaying a dedicated micro-computer to insert the disc in the queue.
  • Capacity of the tank for 40 liters of washing liquid


DATA SHEET – Washer for LEADER offset plates


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