SPEEDY CLEANER photopolymer plate cleaner


Characteristics of the washer for photopolymer plates

  • A dish for washing the plate, made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304
  • The construction is made of scratch resistant and acid-resistant steel
  • Feeder for easy insertion of dirty film, made of a rough double laminated material, preventing sticking
  • Basket / Plastic end container for collecting clean film
  • Control cabinet in the machine
  • Removable detergent storage tank made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • System for emptying two tanks with 2 ball valves, located at the bottom of the machine for easy and quick, total emptying
  • Leveling feet adjustable in height
  • Cycle and operating parameters set by means of a suitable microcomputer, with display for modifying work parameters
  • Adjustable speed of movement of the plate
  • A washing unit consisting of three brushes: the first rotating brush, the second brush moving horizontally and the third brush also rotating
  • 1 special rubber pressure roller to collect detergent from the film
  • Rolls made of a special soft material for transporting and pressing large sized film, designed for machines with dimensions of 120 cm and 150 cm
  • A motor fan for drying
  • Adjustable air temperature for drying the film
  • Double filters for cleaning detergent
  • Motor-driven rollers, solvent resistant
  • Roller self-adjusting system enabling the transfer of film with different thicknesses
  • The final system of special rolls covered with cotton material, used to thoroughly dry the film, with adjustable pressure using allen screws, stainless steel.


MOD. 46-60-90-120-150

  • A unit for heating the washing liquid
  • Water circulation washing unit
  • Float in the water tank
  • Automatic filling of the solvent tank
  • Automatic conveyor for flexographic plates
  • Satinated stainless steel covers with transparent inspection glass
  • Top side covers made of satinized stainless steel
  • All stainless steel housing made of satin finish
  • Two cycles / solvent filtration systems with two glass panes


MOD. 46 – 60 – 90 – 120 – 150


DATA SHEET – SPEEDY CLEANER photopolymer plate cleaner