About company

The REDUX company has been on the market since 1999. Being a representative of several leading manufacturers [incl. IRAC, GE.i.COS., TOPPY, COMAP] devices and technologies supporting industry in limiting expenses for environmental protection, water treatment, reduction of production costs and / or its acceleration, improvement of health and safety conditions as well as compliance with EU directives, advise and help you achieve the intended business goal.

Our services are not limited to sales but we also try to be “front to the customer” whenever it needs us, providing:

  • advice on the selection of equipment for the customer’s needs,
  • laboratory tests (chemical testing of solvents, toxic waste),
  • the possibility of providing devices for individual orders,
  • free shows at the buyer,
  • a wide range of devices and technologies
  • reliable service for each client,
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
  • fast and free delivery,
  • attractive prices,
  • devices made of the highest quality and fulfilling materials
  • all necessary European standards and approvals.