FAST CLEANER photopolymer plate washer


FAST CLEANER – is the only device designed for cleaning plates used for printing on corrugated board laid horizontally, processed in a continuous (uninterrupted) sequence one by one, which come out of the treatment process thoroughly cleaned, dry and never damaged during this treatment.

On average, the total processing time of a slab with dimensions 160×220 cm is 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Some competitor machines machine the second plate after the first plate is completely finished, washing it briefly and letting it wet, and sometimes also damaged.

A device for washing large format flexographic plates for the cartographic products sector

Machine characteristics:

  • An electrical device with a control and electrical system embedded in the machine, consisting of explosion-proof electrical components in accordance with EC standards
  • The unusual speed of the paint wash process
  • Thorough drying of all film surfaces
  • Film washing chamber made entirely of stainless steel
  • The construction is made of scratch resistant and acid-resistant steel
  • Feeder for inserting and collecting film at the exit of the device, made of non-stick material
  • Removable detergent and wash water tanks, made of stainless steel and drained with valves
  • Level sensors located in both tanks; in the detergent tank there is also a maximum level control sensor for automatically stopping the pre-filling with clean water
  • A kit for heating up liquid detergent in accordance with EC standards, with temperature control using a suitable microcomputer
  • Filling with clean water from the plumbing network, with fully automatic control and leakage / excessive water system
  • Cycle and operating parameters set using the appropriate microcomputer
  • Display with the function of modifying work parameters
  • Adjustable movement speed of the plates
  • Washing system with rotating brushes and horizontally moving brushes, all with programmed stop
  • Motor fan with turbine and an electric heater for drying with adjustable temperature
  • Double filters for cleansing washing detergent
  • Compressed air system from the network for accurate drying of the film
  • Solvent-resistant rollers made of a special, suitable material
  • Roller self-adjusting system enabling the transfer of film with different thicknesses
  • Maximum ease of disassembly and cleaning of internal parts
  • Precise film transport system with side bars to protect them from damage


  • Automatic conveyor of the input plate, made of varnished steel or stainless steel
  • Automatic output conveyor for collecting clean film, made of varnished steel or stainless steel
  • Output conveyor plate on wheels
  • Air curtain for drying the final film
  • Automatic film loader with 10 separate compartments
  • Automatic clean plate collector with 10 separate compartments


DATA SHEET – FAST CLEANER photopolymer plate washer
DATA SHEET – FAST CLEANER photopolymer plate washer




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